Friday, January 27, 2006

Naturalism Vs. Theism

For those who happen by, I want to mention an online debate between Richard Carrier and Tom Wanchick. The subject of the debate is "Naturalism vs Theism" with Richard Carrier advancing the naturalist position and Tom Wanchick the theist position. The opening statements were just published, and there will rebuttals, counter-rebuttals and closing statements every couple of weeks.

Richard Carrier has become one of my favorite authors. I referenced him here early in my discussion with Ernie. A collection of his writing can be found on the Secular Web. I highly recommed his material.


Dr. Ernie said...

Cool. I'm back. Do you have an RSS feed for their debate? - Ernie P.

Alan Lund said...

I do not know of an RSS feed for the debate. According to the rules of the debate, entries for each stage are due two weeks from the time the previous stage is posted, and there are three more stages (rebuttal, counter-rebuttal, closing), followed by judging. So expect another six weeks before it concludes.

You could subscribe to Tom Wanchick's blog where I expect he will announce the publication of each stage.

I don't know of a blog written by Richard Carrier, but The Secular Outpost is likely to mention and perhaps provide analysis on future stages as they are published.